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Adam är ett mansnamn av hebreiskt ursprung. Det är härlett från det hebreiska substantivet אָדָם, ''adâmâh', som betyder jord, av roten ''âdâm' med betydelsen röd, rödaktig. [1]. Den latinska formen är Adamus.. Adam var namnet på den första människan enligt Bibeln (se vidare Adam och Eva) och Koranen (se vidare Adam (islamisk profet)) Adam (arabiska: آدم) är den första profeten i islam och är den första människan som skapades av Gud.Berättelser om Adam finns i Koranen.Adams hustru omtalas även i Koranen, men nämns där inte vid namn. Enligt den islamiska traditionen heter hon Hawwaa حواء ().Adam, den första människan, är den första länken i islams profetiska kedja Adam is a 2009 American romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Max Mayer and starring Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne.The film follows the relationship between a young man named Adam (Dancy) with Asperger syndrome, and Beth (Byrne).Mayer was inspired to write the film's script when he heard a radio interview with a man who had Asperger's Adam and Eve, according to the creation myth of the Abrahamic religions, were the first man and woman. They are central to the belief that humanity is in essence a single family, with everyone descended from a single pair of original ancestors. They also provide the basis for the doctrines of the fall of man and original sin that are important beliefs in Christianity, although not held in. Adam och Eva i konsten. Adam och Eva utnyttjades av tidiga renässanskonstnärer för att representera det kvinnliga och det manliga i nakenstudier. Senare kom man att invända mot nakenheten, och lägga till element som fikonlöv över bildernas könsorgan, även på äldre bilder och skulpturer. Valet av fikonlöv var ett resultat av att man i Medelhavsområdet identifierade kunskapens.

Adam Mitchel Lambert, född 29 januari 1982 i Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, är en amerikansk sångare, låtskrivare och skådespelare.. Adam Lambert började som musikalartist vid tio års ålder, men fick sitt stora genombrott i maj 2009, då han kom tvåa i den åttonde säsongen av talangjakten American Idol efter Kris Allen.. Stilen som blev hans kännetecken i tävlingen var rock Eva och Adam är en svensk TV-serie från 1999-2000 skapad av Måns Gahrton och Johan Unenge, med Ellen Fjæstad och Carl-Robert Holmer-Kårell i huvudrollerna.. Serien Adam och Eva är uppdelad i två säsonger; de första åtta avsnitten av TV-serien blev mycket väl mottagna av TV-tittarna och det gjordes därför ytterligare åtta avsnitt Adam Smith FRSA The Muir portrait at the Scottish National Gallery Born c. 16 June [O.S. c. 5 June] 1723 Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland Died 17 July 1790 (1790-07-17) (aged 67) Edinburgh, Scotland Nationality Scottish Alma mater University of Glasgow Balliol College, Oxford Notable work The Wealth of Nations The Theory of Moral Sentiments Region Western philosophy School Classical liberalism Main. Background. Adam is the son of former professional player Charlie Adam, a midfielder who played for various Scottish clubs in the 1980s and 1990s.His father died on 17 December 2012, aged 50. His father's cause of death was publicly revealed as suicide in 2015. Adam's brother, Grant, is a goalkeeper who plays for Dumbarton. He attended Dundee's Braeview Academy, alongside fellow future. Adam on yleinen etu- ja sukunimi, joka juontaa juurensa Aadamiin, Raamatun mukaan ensimmäiseen Jumalan luomaan ihmiseen.Adam-nimillä ja lyhenteillä tunnetaan myös lukuisia muita asioita. Suomessa nimi on käytössä myös muunnelmana Aatami. Suomessa nimi Adam on Digi- ja väestötietoviraston tietojen mukaan annettu vuoden 2019 loppuun mennessä 4 312 miehelle ja noin 60 naiselle

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Welcome to the Code Adam Wiki! This is a wiki devoted to the Code Adam WEBTOON series by Atterozen. If you're new to the series, or just need a refresher, then you found the right place! Listed below are a few of our articles that we recommend for new readers In his tall stalwartness Adam Bede was a Saxon, and justified his name; but the jet-black hair, made the more noticeable by its contrast with the light paper cap, and the keen glance of the dark eyes that shone from under strongly marked, proninent, and mobile eyebrows, indicated a mixture of Celtic blood Adam is a crucial element in Gendo's own scenario for Third Impact, wherein he intends to use the forbidden fusion of Adam and Lilith as a means to achieve reunion with Yui.At an undisclosed point, Gendo has Adam fused into his right palm, and, in the moments before Third Impact, he inserts his hand into Rei.However, rather than carry out his wishes, Rei severs and absorbs Gendo's arm. Adam (egennamn) . ett mansnamn; i den kristna, judiska och islamska läran den första människan på jorden, tillsammans med Eva urfader för hela människorasen Sammansättningar: adamsdräkt, adamskostym, adamsäpple Översättningar [ We're a collaborative community website about Adam that anyone, including you, can build and expand. Wikis like this one depend on readers getting involved and adding content. Click the ADD NEW PAGE or EDIT button at the top of any page to get started! Boy handsom

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  1. Adam Milligan is the son of John Winchester and Kate Milligan, and half-brother to Sam and Dean.On January 9, 1990, Adam's mother met John Winchester in Windom, Minnesota where he came into the hospital where she worked as a nurse, when he was injured during a ghoul hunt. Adam was born on September 29, 1990
  2. Adam is a lacrosse player. In the story Replay in Miraculous Adventures, when Adam gets upset at his team mates and Adrien at a lacrosse game, he is akumatized by Hawk Moth into Replay, a time-controlling supervillain.1 1 Appearance 1.1 Physical appearance 1.2 Civilian attire 1.3 As Replay 2..
  3. Adam Alexander Carrington, M.D. (formerly, Michael Gordon Harrison, and, as an alias, George Emerson) is a main character in the television series Dynasty on The CW. He is portrayed by Sam Underwood. Adam is the long-lost son ofBlake Carrington and Alexis Carrington. 1 Biography 2 Personality 3..
  4. --Adam Warlock src Him Warlock was created by the group of researchers who called themselves the Beehive. The goal of the researchers was to create the perfect human being, the pinnacle of future human evolution. Fortunately for the denizens of Earth, the new being was a creature beyond the control of his creators
  5. ority after the first Tribal Council. He ended up in a swing vote position after the Tribe Switch, and eventually flipped on the Millennials majority, voting out Figgy.
  6. Adam W. is an officer and ace pilot of the Galaxy Garrison acting as an instructor to younger cadets. He is Shiro's ex-fiance. Adam dies during Sendak's occupation of Earth. 1 Appearance 2 Biography 3 Personality 4 Abilities 5 Trivia Adam is a 18-25 year-old human male with dark brown hair and half-frame, grey, cat eye glasses. His skin tone is nut brown, and he has a somewhat-triangular jaw.
  7. Adam strives to be more knowledgeable whereas Eve does not care about knowledge, in fact he enjoys physical activities. Adam simply worries that if Eve does not learn like he does, then they won't grow and adapt. Aside from all of this, it can be shown that Adam is actually a masochist. He enjoys feeling pain as it is part of a human feeling
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Adam and Gaia Wikipedia [edit | edit source] Wiki for the adult Twine game Adam and Gaia. Main articles: Matriarchs; Broodmothers; Monster Girls; Lore; Regions; Basic Guide There once was a time - where everything was different. A time, where all the races and creatures of the world lived and mixed, in tranquil peace, under the great tree. Adam (bahasa Arab: آدَم, translit. ʾĀdam‎, bahasa Ibrani: אָדָם, Modern ʼAdam Tiberias ʾĀḏām, berarti tanah, manusia, atau cokelat muda) adalah tokoh dalam Al-Qur'an, Alkitab, dan Tanakh.Meskipun keyakinan penciptaan menurut agama Abrahamik kerap dipandang meyakini Adam sebagai manusia pertama, tetapi nyatanya tidak semuanya demikian, seperti kelompok Ahmadiyyah yang. I am the end of all life, of all magic. I'm the war between man and demon, the war that no one can win. Adam[src] Adam was an undead being, self-described as a Bio-mechanical demonoid, created by Initiative scientist Maggie Walsh as part of her super soldier program. 1 Biography 1.1 Human Life 1.2 Creation 1.3 Against the Slayer 1.4 Death 1.5 Legacy 2 Powers and Abilities 3 Behind the. ―Black Adam. Teth-Adam, better known by legend as Black Adam, is the former champion of the wizard Shazam. Due to his great heroic acts, he became the ruler of Kahndaq and formed a family. However, after his family was murdered, Adam unintentionally released the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man from their prison, killing millions Adam is the first male human created by God. He is the husband of Eve, the father of Cain and Abel, and is the progenitor of humanity. Adam was created alongside his first wife Lilith in the Garden of Eden. However, afterthey separated, God used one of Adam's ribs to create his new mate Eve. Throughout their millennia of marriage, Adam still longed for Lilith and never really loved Eve, who.

Adam Strange is the human champion of the alien planet Rann, an archaeologist who fights monsters using a jet pack and ray gun. Because of the massive amount of time he spends on Rann, he has formed a family there with his wife Alanna and daughter Aleea. His mentor is Alanna's father Sardath, Rann's greatest scientist. He has been a member of the Justice League, R.E.B.E.L.S. and Seven Soldiers. Adam's resting place. Adam was created by the First Ancestral Race billions of years ago and sent to Earth within the White Moon to fill the Earth with its progeny, the Angels.However, before Adam could accomplish its mission, the Black Moon transport containing a second Seed of Life, Lilith, accidentally crash-landed onto Earth.Two Seeds are not meant to exist on the same planet, and in. Adam is the orchestrator of Sic Mundus (a.k.a. the Followers, or the Travelers), portrayed by Dietrich Hollinderbaumer. He is the future self of Jonas, and therefore also the future self of the Stranger. 1 Biography 2 Episodes 3 Gallery 4 References Adam is first mentioned by two men working in the Winden Caves at the start of Season 2. The younger man reminds the older that Adam has told them. Adam (played by Adam Arkin) first appears as Cicely's equivalent of Bigfoot, a shadowy, mythological creature rarely seen and known mainly for petty thefts and leaving enormous bare footprints. When Joel Fleischman's truck breaks down in the wilderness, Adam reluctantly comes to his aid, bringing Joel to his secret cabin. Joel learns that Adam is a misanthropic recluse, a compulsive liar, and. Adam is a character who shares the same curse as the medical examiner Henry Morgan, only whereas Henry has lived for over 2 centuries, Adam has existed for over 2000 years. He has taken special interest in following Henry, and obtaining everything there is to know about him. He had not been seen until the episode Skinny Dipper, having only been known until then by phone calls to Henry.

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Adam and his men are attacked by unidentified soldiers (who are also searching for Teth-Adam) while leaving the tomb of Isis and Osiris. Adam's followers sacrifice their lives so that he can escape with his wife's remains. Adam then travels to the frozen Himalayas, where he eats the corpse of his last remaining henchman after running out of food Adam West (William West Anderson; September 19, 1928 - June 9, 2017) was an American actor, director and voice artist.He is known for his role as Batman in the 1960s Batman television series and as Mayor Adam West in Family Guy.West has also acted in movies and on stag Prince Adam is half-Eternian and half-Terran. According to the episode Teela's Quest, Adam's mother Queen Marlena was a Terran astronaut. Her ship crashed on Eternia where she eventually met and married the Eternian King Randor.Their child Adam grew up to be smarter, more agile, stronger, and more muscular than any Eternian. According to the series bible, Prince Adam experienced a pivotal. Splitting Adam (originally named Copy-Kid) is a 2015 Nickelodeon movie starring Jace Norman (from Henry Danger), Isabela Moner (from 100 Things to Do Before High School), Jack Griffo (from The Thundermans and Jinxed), Amarr Merritt Wooten (from Instant Mom), Seth Issac Johnson, Tate& Abigail Chapman, and Tony Cavalero (from School of Rock). It premiered on February 16, 2015. Adam Baker (Jace.

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Adam Price står som manuskriptforfatter bag en række succesfulde tv-serier. Han skabte ideen til serien Nikolaj og Julie (2002-2003), som modtog en Emmy Award i 2003, og var skaberen og hovedforfatteren bag den internationalt berømmede serie 'Borgen' (2010-2013), som modtog en BAFTA, Englands største filmpris, i 2011 Treasure Tree Adam is a type of tree whose wood is considered the strongest, highest-quality wood in the world. Its immense rarity makes it highly valuable, being considered a great treasure. Occasionally, the wood is sold on the black market, at a very high price given its value. Franky managed to purchase some for 200,000,000.1 The only known ships that use this type of wood are the Oro. This article is under construction. Expect frequent changes. Adam Stephens is the warlock son of Darrin and Samantha Stephens. Tabitha is his sister. 1 Background 2 Credits 2.1 Bewitched 2.1.1 Infant, Unknown Actor 2.1.2 David and Greg Lawrence 2.2 Tabitha Series 3 Trivia 3.1 Serena 3.2 Bewitched Sequel 4 Gallery 5 See Also 6 External Links Adam is taught to be a warlock by Maurice, much to.

The Guild Wars Wiki has an article on Adam. Adam was the name of Eve's pet skull in Guild Wars . It used to have the same inventory icon as Brittle Bone until the November 7, 2017 update Adam Lambert (born January 29, 1982 in Indianapolis, Indiana) is an American pop rock singer-songwriter.He moved to San Diego when he was a baby. He is openly gay. He won the Young Hollywood Award for Artist of the Year in 2009. Lambert was runner-up on the eighth season of American Idol and is the first openly gay mainstream pop artist to launch a career on a major label in America Adam Foster (born 1991) is Cat Grant's eldest son. 1 Biography 1.1 Visiting National City 1.2 Return of Adam 1.3 Kara Dating Adam 2 Appearances 2.1 Supergirl 2.1.1 Season 1 3 Behind the scenes 4 References Adam's parents had a custody battle over him, with Cat eventually dropping the suit and letting Adam go live with his father.1 A guy asks Kara Danvers about Cat Grant at the coffee shop, and. The ADAM Counter as it appears in BioShock 2.. Main article: BioShock 2 In BioShock 2, new ways of obtaining ADAM appear in the game.The methods are listed below. Adoption: Subject Delta can adopt a Little Sister and have her extract the ADAM from a corpse. Each harvest yields 40 ADAM, and each Little Sister can harvest up to two corpses Black Adam is a super-villain and sometimes anti-hero originally written as the evil counterpart to Captain Marvel, now known as Shazam. Adam is an ancient Egyptian prince who was given incredible powers by the Wizard and survived into the modern era. His legacy would eventually expand to include the Black Marvel Family involving his wife Isis and her brother Osiris protecting their native.

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  1. Adam was a creature created by Dr Eric Lang in his laboratory. His body was composed of parts from corpses, assembled by Lang and an unwilling Jeff Clark. After Lang's death, Barnabas Collins and Julia Hoffman completed the experiment and brought Adam to life and kept him in the basement of the Old House. 1 Biography 2 Final Fate 3 Notes 4 Source Material 5 Appearances Standing nearly seven.
  2. g journalist, video game entertainer and Internet and YouTube personality who is best known for his recent, former work in Funhausand Inside.
  3. Adam Smith (16 June 1723 - 17 July 1790) was a Scottish economist, who is called the Father of Modern Economics.. His book, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, published in 1776, was very important.People call the book just The Wealth of Nations. It stated some of the ideas on which modern economics is based off, especially market economics

Adam Noah Levine (born March 18, 1979) is the lead singer of American pop rock band Maroon 5.He is also a songwriter, guitarist, and a coach on the NBC show The Voice.. Levine has a tenor/countertenor vocal range. He has also been noted for his falsettos.. In 2013, Levine was chosen by People magazine as the Sexiest Man Alive.. Levine has attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder Officer Adam Noshimuri is a member of theFive-0 Task Forceand the former head of the Special Division of Organized Crime. He is the son of the late Hiro Noshimuri, the brother of the late Michael Noshimuri, the half-brother of the late Noriko Noshimuri, the husband of Kono Kalakaua, and the ex-boyfriend of Tamiko Masuda. Adam's father, being the former leader of the Japanese Yakuza, tried to.

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New wiki name is a collaborative website about your topic that anyone can edit! Write an introduction to your topic here, to explain to your readers what your topic is all about! Adam Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wiki Adam Monroe, also known as Takezo Kensei (剣聖 武蔵 Kensei Takezō?) in feudal Japan, is a fictional character portrayed by David Anders in the NBC science fiction drama Heroes. The character first appears in the second season episode Four Months Later..., although the legend of Kensei is referenced several times during the first season. His regenerative ability has halted his aging. Adam Sackler is a young 20-something artist in New York City, and Hannah's main love interest. He is portrayed by Adam Driver. Adam has one older sister named Caroline. He developed a problem with alcohol sometime as a teenager, but is now sober and attends AA meetings. Adam lives by himself, but his grandmother sends him$800 every month to help pay for rent. He met Hannah sometime before the. Adam has to face his past. Chloe Sullivan saw Adam injecting a mysterious substance and thought that he was a drug user. She snooped around his apartment and found a vial, which she had analyzed and discovered he was taking a serum made from unusual blood platelets. Lana discovered that he was identical to Chad Nash, who had been dead for five months, but Adam refused to talk about it Adam's death. Blaire reluctantly showed everyone the note, over the stress induced by Mitch after learning about the affair. Mitch stated if he wasn't shown the note he would hang up, which would mean Laura would kill him, and naturally Blaire favored Mitch's life over Adam's

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Adam Young is one of the main characters in Amazon series Good Omens. He is the leader of the Them, dog-owner, and kid. He finds himself at the centre of events at the Apocalypse and draws the attention of all sides as creation hurtles towards its final battle. 1 Background 2 Significance in.. Adam to his son, Jesse, after he is told to leave his house. [src] Adam Pinkman is the father of Jesse Pinkman and Jake Pinkman and also the husband of Diane Pinkman. Unlike his wife who initially still shows care for Jesse, it is evident that Adam severely despises his son for his involvement with drugs and wants little-to-no involvement with him. He reappears in El Camino where he and Diane. Skip navigation Sign in. Searc Adam Peter Lanza (April 22, 1992 - December 14, 2012) was the Italian-American perpetrator of the December 14, 2012, massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Adam was 6ft tall and weighed 112 pounds. He was born in Exeter, New Hampshire and died in Newtown, Connecticut..

Real Name: Adam Charles Emery Aliases: No Known Aliases Wanted For: Murder Missing Since: November 10, 1993 Details: Just before 9PM on August 30, 1990, twenty-seven-year-old Adam Emery, his wife Elena, and another couple picked up food at a seafood stand in Warwick, Rhode Island. Suddenly, another car sideswiped them and sped off. Adam, enraged, started his car and headed out after the car. Adam is a young boy sourced by the Harvest from Home as a doppelgänger for Grant Bishop. He is used to frame Grant for a mass-shooting in an attempt to flush him out and recover the manuscript for the comic Utopia. —Thomas Christie regarding the plan to flush out Grant Bishop, not slow not bad.. Descendants of Adam. Though it is up for debate, it has been said that Eve went through 120 pregnancies with Adam and each of these consisted of a set of twins: a boy and a girl. In some other traditions, their first child was a girl, born alone, called ʿAnāq. According to several sources, God took all of Adam's progeny from his back while they were still in heaven

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Adam was mentioned by Newt in The Maze Runner. He was taken by Grievers the day after Gally was taken. Thomas felt guilty for feeling no sorrow at the news of Adam's apparent death, as he did not know the boy. He appeared in the background of most situations Adam Douglas Driver was born on November 19, 1983, in San Diego, California, the son of Nancy Wright (née Needham), a paralegal, and Joe Douglas Driver. He has Dutch, English, German, Irish, and Scottish ancestry. [better source needed] His father's family is from Arkansas and his mother's family is from Indiana.His stepfather, Rodney G. Wright, is a minister at a Baptist church

Write the first paragraph of your article here. Write the first section of your article here. Remember to include links to other pages on the wiki Adam Bennett Schiff (born June 22, 1960) is an American lawyer and politician who has served as the U.S. Representative for California's 28th congressional district since 2013. A member of the Democratic Party, Schiff is currently in his 10th term as a congressman, having served since 2001 Black Adam is a supervillain in the DC comics and one of the three main enemies of Captain Marvel (alongside Doctor Sivana and Mister Mind). Though his origins vary between versions, in all that he is depicted as the former champion of the Wizard Shazam who was corrupted by his power, resulting in him becoming a villain and an adversary towards the Marvel Family. In recent years, however, he.

Adam Smith FRSA (c. 16 June [O.S. c. 5 June] 1723 - 17 July 1790) was a British economist, philosopher, and author born in Scotland, as well as a moral philosopher, a pioneer of political economy, and a key figure during the Scottish Enlightenment, also known as ''The Father of Economics'' or ''The Father of Capitalism''. Smith wrote two classic works, The Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759. Adam Jensen is the mechanically augmented protagonist of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, in which he works as the Chief of Security for the biotechnology company Sarif Industries, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, in which he is an operative of Task Force 29 aiming to hunt down and capture augmented terrorists while also working for the Juggernaut Collective. 1 Biography 1.1 Early life 1.2 Police. President Adam Benford was Leon's recruiter into the Division of Security Operations years prior and had a close friendship with him. Adam also had some degree of military experience. He was killed in a terrorist attack orchestrated by Derek C. Simmons. 1 Biography 1.1 Presidency 1.2 Tall Oaks and death 2 Gallery 3 Sources The United States for many yearsfunded Umbrella USA's bioweapons. Adam Maitland is the husband of Barbara Maitland. He owns and operates the Maitland Hardware Store in Winter River, CT. 1 Personality 2 History 3 Trivia 4 Gallery Adam Maitland is a polite male, who wants to get along with everyone and be in peace. Being a quiet man, his hobby was creating realistic sculptures (especially for his model of his hometown) before he and his wife Barbara died in a.

Adam Stanheight is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. He serves as one of the main protagonists of the first Saw film. He was portrayed by Leigh Whannell. 1 Biography 1.1 Observation of Lawrence Gordon 1.2 Abduction 1.3 Test 1.4 Death 1.5 Post-Mortem 2 Non-Canon Appearances 2.1 The.. Adam is a contestant from Samevivor: Africa. FANDOM. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Samevivor Wiki - Pearl Islands. 170 Pages. Add new page. Seasons. The Amazon Thailand. Adam Patrick DeVine (born November 7, 1983) is an American actor, comedian, singer, writer, producer, and voice actor. He will be the voice of Juilan, a young mammoth in the upcoming Ice Age: Collision Course. DeVine was born in Waterloo, Iowa, to Dennis and Penny DeVine. He graduated from Millard South High School in Omaha, Nebraska, in 2002. In June 1995, when he was 11 years old, he was hit. Adam Apple is a major character. He was a regular character in Season 2, and later returned as a recurring character in Season 3, and a guest character in Season 4 and 6. Adam is Angie's half brother, as well as the second Mystery Character to appear on the show. Trivia The connection between Adam and Angie was always apparent on the show. The writers carefully picked out the names and actions.

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  1. Adam is a student in the USA. He has one known brother Tmask. Adam has started his own YouTube channel and posts some highlights from his most played game CS:GO. Adam appears in a lot of Tmask's videos as they play a lot of diffrent games together. Series Edit
  2. Adam Ruzek is an undercover police officer and was the partner of Detective Alvin Olinsky, until Olinsky's death, and has since been paired personally with Sergeant Hank Voight. He is portrayed by Patrick John Flueger. 1 Biography 1.1 Season 2 1.2 Season 3 1.3 Season 4 1.4 Season 5 1.5 Season 6 1.6 Season 7 2 Notes and Trivia 3 Appearances 4 Gallery Adam's parents divorced when he was a child.
  3. Black Adam Hero or Villian. Adam's homeland was destroyed and his family killed by the evil priest Ahk-ton using the Orb of Ra.A disparaged Adam continued to serve in Rameses' court, and allied himself with Prince Khufu (later Hawkman).At this time, he met three travelers from the future: Hawkgirl, Mr. Terrific, and Captain Marvel.Adam felt relieved that his legacy would continue through.
  4. Adam Lyons Schlesinger, född 31 oktober 1967 i New York, död 1 april 2020 i Poughkeepsie, New York, var en amerikansk singer-songwriter, skivproducent och gitarrist. Adam Schlesinger Födelsenam
  5. ut Queenin laulajana yhtyeen konserteissa vuodesta 2011 lähtien. Lambertin esikoisalbumi For Your Entertainment ilmestyi 23. marraskuuta 2009
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Five thousand years ago, Kahndaq was a melting pot of cultures, wealth, power, and magic. Yet, most of us have nothing, except for the chains around our necks. Kahndaq needed a hero, instead, they got me. I did what needed to be done and they imprisoned me for it. Now, five thousand years later, I'm free and I give you my word... No one will ever stop me again. Black Adam[src] Black Adam is. Adam J. Shepherd is a character in Silent Hill: Homecoming. Adam is Alex and Joshua's father and Lillian's husband. 1 Biography 2 Silent Hill: Homecoming 3 Quotes 4 Trivia 5 Gallery He is a descendant of Isaac Shepherd and a member of the Shepherd family, one of four Silent Hill residents to settle Shepherd's Glen, more than 150 years prior to the game. Adam trained at Fort Benning in Georgia.

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Život. Adam Mišík je mladší syn hudebníka Vladimíra Mišíka.Od dětství hraje ve filmech a televizních seriálech a také v divadelních rolích. V 7 letech poprvé účinkoval ve filmu Kráska v nesnázích režiséra Jana Hřebejka.. Kromě herectví se věnuje i tanci (účinkoval jako imitátor Michaela Jacksona).. Od roku 2008 zpíval v indie rockové skupině The Colorblinds. Adam Augustus Wylie is an American actor, voice actor, singer, and Broadway musical performer, and formerly, he was a Crayola spokesman. His Disney roles include Fred Nerk, Nigel Thrall, and Bananas B. in American Dragon: Jake Long, Mungo the Mongoose in Jungle Cubs,Peter Pan in Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Andy the Android in the Shake It Up special, Shake It Up: Made in Japan, and.

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Adam är ett mansnamn av hebreiskt ursprung som betyder 'människa'.Den latinska formen är Adamus.Adam var den första människan enligt Bibeln och Koranen.Se vidare Adam (Bibeln) samt Adam (islamisk profet).. Namnet var ovanligt under de första två tredjedelarna av 1900-talet, men blev under sista delen något av ett modenamn Adam, you knew this day would come.Hello, Myrrah. You got my message, then.And how right you were. We do need you. And we shall take you. I hope you're not planning anything foolish. You have responsibilities, Adam.I also have my service pistol.And I can take your son at any time.You leave Marcus out of this. It's a condition. If anything happens to him, I don't care what. This article is about the Beauty and the Beast character. For the Marvel Comics character, see Beast (Marvel). The Beast is the male protagonist of Disney's 1991 animated feature film, Beauty and the Beast. A prince by birth, he was cursed by a mysterious Enchantress into as punishment for his selfish and cruel nature; only by loving another and earning their love in return can the Beast free. Adam (heb.: »čovjek«; vjerojatno u vezi s heb. adamah, »zemlja«, ili akadskim adamu, »stvoriti«), prema Bibliji, prvi čovjek kojeg je stvorio Jahve, Bog, od praha (ili gliba) zemaljskoga, i udahnuo mu u lice dah života.Živio je najprije u raju zemaljskom, ali ga je odatle otjerao Jahve zbog istočnoga grijeha koji je počinio na nagovovor svoje žene: Eve Black Adam was an ancient Egyptian slave who received the powers of the Wizard Shazam. However he was imprisoned for millennia by the Wizard after he misused his powers. He was eventually freed in the modern day where he went on to battle the Wizard's new champion Billy Batson many times. 1 History 1.1 Ancient Egypt 1.2 21st Century 1.3 Resurrection 1.4 Doomsday Clock 2 Powers and Abilities 2.

Adam, formerly known as Tube and reincarna_tube, the reincarnation of his first account, MegaRocketTube (GameFaqs) Gamefaqs - Origins Adam created his Gamefaqs account MegaRocketTube shortly after the announcement of Metal Gear Solid 4. He enjoyed Guard Speaks and telling people off for their stupid ass plot twist ideas. On a day like any other, a topic was created debating the appropriateness. Adam is a contestant from Survivor: Kantō. Pre-Game Questions Edit. How old are you? What gender are you? What time zone do you live in? 13, Male, EST What name would you like to go by in this game? Cirie/Adam What is your strategy going into this game? I want to lay low and get a small circle of trusted allies and then take over the votes in. Adam West High Brian and Quagmire face off in Quahog's mayoral election. Season: 17 Episode: 20 Total Episode Count: 329 Prod. no.: HACX16 First Aired: May 12, 2019. Adam Carter was an enigmatic and natural performer, and was in his perfect job. After years in MI6; he had confronted his demons and became a ruthless pragmatist.Adam had the power to push himself and his colleagues to the edge and get the job done - then pick up the pieces. This combination of strength and compassion, alongside his absolute belief in the Intelligence Service, made Adam a. Adam Smasher is a full borg Solo and rival of Morgan Blackhand. Adam is employed by Arasaka. 1 Overview 2 Biography 2.1 2000s 2.2 2010s 2.3 2020s 2.4 Fourth Corporate War 2.4.1 Firestorm 2.5 2077 3 Outfit 4 Gallery 5 References A full fledged Cyborg, with little humanity left to be seen. He is..

Biography. Adam Whitman was Dick Whitman's younger half brother, sharing a common father, Archibald Whitman.. Childhood. Adam was born sometime in late 1936 or early 1937 when Dick Whitman was 10 or 11 years old to Abigail Whitman and the late Archibald Whitman who impregnated Abigail just before his death. Adam, whose religious mother named him after Adam of the Bible, was apparently. Adam & Wiki - Adwi . 3.7K likes. Tematem stronki jest para z Ndinz - Adam i Wiktoria - wierzymy, że będą razem <3 *Więcej w długim opisie Adam West was the eccentric mayor of Quahog, Rhode Island. Voiced by the actor of the same name, this recurring character constantly wastes the taxpayers' money. In The Story on Page One, he spent $100,000 from taxes to investigate who was stealing his water and agreed to have sex with Luke Perry so he would stop stealing his water; it was in fact going into the sink or into the ground as. Adam Smith (døbt 5. juni 1723, gs og 16. juni ns), død 17. juli 1790) var en britisk/skotsk økonom og moralfilosof. Han kaldes også for den økonomiske liberalismes fader. Liv og karriere. Adam Smith blev født i Kirkcaldy, Skotland. Han studerede på universiteterne i Glasgow og. Adam Blade Colored Manga Young Adam Blade Characteristics Age 20 Gender Male Affiliation/ Faction Blade Faction Height 210 cm/ 6'5 feet Weight Unknown Hair White Powers and Abilitities Fragment Zero Information First Appearance (Manga) Needless - Chapter 1 First Appearance (Anime) Episode 1 Voice Actor Andrew Love Seiyuu Takehito Koyasu Adam Blade (アダム・ブレイド, Adamu Bureido) is.

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Adam Opel (9. toukokuuta 1837 Rüsselsheim, Saksa - 8. syyskuuta 1895) oli saksalaisen autonvalmistaja Opelin perustaja.. Vuonna 1868 Opel meni naimisiin Sophie Marie Schellerin kanssa. He saivat viisi poikaa: Carlin, Wilhelmin, Heinrichin, Friedrichin ja Ludwigin Adam Lapidus är en amerikansk tv-manusförfattare. Bland tv-serier han skrivit för kan nämnas Phil från framtiden, Huset fullt, Smart Guy och Zack & Codys ljuva hotelliv.. För The Simpsons skrev han manuset till avsnittet The Front.Han medverkar även på DVD-kommentatorspåret till avsnittet. Där berättade han att anledningen till att han krediterades som Adam I. Lapidus eftersom han. Adam Kendall was the husband of Mary Ingalls. At a young age, Adam was fishing with his Father. As he was walking over the rocks to cross the rushing stream, he fell in and hit his head. He woke up in the doctor's office later and was blind. Adam first met Mary while she was at the Burton School for the Blind in Iowa where he worked as a teacher. At first, she despised him, but eventually the. Adam West portrayed Bruce Wayne/Batman in the Batman television series of the late 1960s and its various spinoffs. A victim of typecasting, West remerged to voice other versions of Batman with 1977's The New Adventures of Batman and and the Super Friends cartoons of the mid-1980s. Years later..

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Adam Thylstrup, född 14 september 1914, död 6 juni 1989, var en dansk formgivare som bland annat designade ishinken Is-Sissi från Nilsjohan på 1950-talet.I annonsen kallades ishinken den perfekta herrpresenten. Denna artikel om en person med huvudsaklig anknytning till Danmark saknar väsentlig information Adam Peaty, född 28 december 1994 i Uttoxeter, Storbritannien, är en brittisk simmare som tävlar för City of Derby. Han satte världsrekord på 100m bröstsim på tiden 57,10 vid EM 2018 i Glasgow. [1 Adam Jackson is a delusional serial killer and serial rapist who appeared in the Season Four episode Conflicted. 1 Background 2 Conflicted 3 Profile 4 Modus Operandi 5 Real-Life Comparisons 6 Known Victims 7 Notes 8 Appearances I could take it. I was stronger than he [Adam] was. Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, Adam's mother, Rosemary, died when he was five, causing Adam's stepfather, Mark. Adam Smith, FRSA (Hội Hoàng gia Nghệ thuật) (rửa tội ngày 16 tháng 6 năm 1723, hay 5 tháng 6 năm 1723 trong lịch Julian; mất ngày 17 tháng 7 năm 1790) là nhà kinh tế chính trị học và triết gia đạo đức học lớn người Scotland; là nhân vật mở đường cho phát triển lý luận kinh tế.Bộ sách Bàn về tài sản quốc gia (Inquiry.

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Adam Smith (skírður 16. júní 1723 - 17. júlí 1790) var skoskur heimspekingur og er meðal áhrifamestu hagfræðinga allra tíma. Smith er einnig einn helsti hugsuður frjálshyggjunnar og mikilvægur boðberi upplýsingarinnar.Rit hans Auðlegð þjóðanna, sem kom út 1776, var ein fyrsta tilraunin til að rannsaka þróun viðskipta og iðnaðar í Evrópu. Óumdeilt er að ritið. Adam Paul Scott (born 3 April 1973; age 47) is the American actor who portrayed the USS Defiant's conn officer in Star Trek: First Contact. He had previously auditioned for the role of Lieutenant Hawk in the same film. [1] He was born in Santa Cruz, California. 1 Career 1.1 Films 1.2 Television 2 External links A graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Scott made his film debut with.

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