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Rega engineers believe too much mass impacts the sound, and this philosophy carries on to the new Planar 6's design. That delicate balance between lightness and sturdiness is crucial to the Rega's sound. The deck also uses the new and improved RB330 tonearm found in the Planar 3/Elys 2 - but the Planar 6 gets a stainless-steel balance weight The Rega Planar 6 is an unsuspended, belt drive turntable. As a Rega, you would really expect nothing less - they are, after all, the building blocks of what the company has been doing practically from its inception. On the face of it, the Planar 6 looks like more of the same. There are some signs however that suggest that all is not as it seems Skivspelarna från brittiska Rega har en musikalisk spelstil som är en fröjd att lyssna till. Deras sortiment går från enklare instegsmodeller till highend-modeller. Förstärkarna är rediga utan lull-lull med en härlig analog ljudkaraktär.Grundaren till Rega är Roy Gandy som var mycket intresserad av musik och HiFi. Han började modifiera sin skivspelare och jobbet blev.

The Planar 6 is built around the huge success of the RP8 and RP10 turntables. It is the first new Rega turntable to be constructed with an ultra lightweight Tancast 8 polyurethane foam core plinth (a material developed for the aerospace industry) Setting up your Rega Planar 6 turntable will be fun and go smoothly if you prepare for everything you'll need in advance. In this video, we will show you ste.. Rega Planar 6 är en av Regas finaste skivspelare och är skapad för att återge vinylljudet så exakt som möjligt. Konstruktionen har fått sig en genomgående uppgradering för absolut bäst prestanda med avancerat material och nya tekniska lösningar, och bygger på framgångarna med de tidigare RP8 och RP10 Vi kikar på den nya skivspelaren från Rega- Planar 6! Med allt nytt från grunden, som kullager, tonarm och talrik. En riktigt kompetent skivspelare helt enke..

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Rega RP 6 Review & Test. Roy Gandi has several simple rules in designing a turntable. Reduce the mass and increase the strength, move structural resonances to the upper range of the frequency spectrum, minimize damping, and reduce engine vibration without using mechanical aids Today, Rega is riding the crest of the continuing vinyl revival and perhaps as a nod to the icon, Rega has revived the Planar name in its most recent turntable offerings. The turntable reviewed here is the 6, the fourth to be issued under the Planar name, after the historically important 2 and 3, and the entry-level 1 Rega Planar 6. Price: £998 Pros: Very high sound quality, electronic speed switching, high build quality. Cons: Needs a decent cartridge and phono stage for maximum R'n'B. Verdict: Uncannily revealing, real-sounding turntable that represents incredible value for money. Rating: 5/5 The latest addition to the Rega range is a stealthy turntable in more ways that one

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  1. g it's a Rega Planar 6 that you own. I am a Linn owner with MC cartridge. I've heard the Rega Planar 6 with Ania (MC) cartridge at my dealer but not side by side against a Linn. Both give a good sound but different sounds so be very careful. I found the Planar 6 to be very detailed and communicative
  2. ation of everything they have been working on wrapped up in a single record player (at least it might be - Rega has never gone higher than 10 before)
  3. The go to preamp for those with Rega turntables with MC cartridges. For example a Rega Planar 6 with a Rega Ania Cartridge. Features different internal components and design than the two MM phono preamps above to match the impedance characteristics and lower signal-level of MC cartridges
  4. Rega planar 6 Skivspelare SPARA pengar genom att jämföra priser på 27 modeller Läs omdömen och experttester Betala inte för mycket - Gör ett bättre köp idag
  5. Rega Planar 3 Review A truly remarkable turntable package that can't be bettered for the money. Simon Osborne-Walker Contact via Twitter | September 7, 2017 4:51 pm BS

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The Planar 8 takes concepts that we have seen in the RP8 and Planar 6, but also borrows from the Naiad - the flagship design that's built to order in extremely limited quantities that embodies design concepts that until now have not found their way into series production Rega turntables #5 - Rega Planar 6. The Rega Planar 6 might look very similar to the Planar 3, but the engineers at Rega Research have tweaked about every aspect of the Planar 6 to make it worth the extra money compared to the Planar 3. It comes with the NEO power supply as standard (optional on the Planar 3)

At this time, the first model of the legendary turntable Planar 2 appeared, whose third generation we have the opportunity to test in this post. Rega is a turntable from whom you know exactly what you can expect, which that turntable fully provides The Rega Planar 6 turntable will sell for $1595 without cartridge, $1995 with Exact MM cartridge, and $2195 with Ania MC cartridge (US Retail). The with cart packages save you $200 over the items sold separately, AND you'll save another $50 if you buy the matching Fono MC phono-preamp with your P6/Ania

Search audiogon on Rega and Pro-Ject and you will see how many problems with those turntables mentioned by their owners. Others trying to invest more in the same turntable to make it better instead of just buying a proper turntable from the start and forget about everything except for the cartridge While Rega has always been about evolution over radical change, a quick look around the new Planar 3 shows it to be overall much crisper than the outgoing table. To the untrained eye, the older P3 doesn't look all that much different, until you look closely and put the close up view of the Macro lens to bear

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If you can afford a jump from the Planar 6 to an 8, I would tighten your belt and go for it. The Planar 6 is a joy but the Rega Planar 8 has that little bit more, in terms of outstanding style as well as substance with the greater depth and resolution Rega Planar 2. 4 995 SEK. Som option kan du även köpa till senaste versionen av Regas Fono MM -Steg till ett förnämligt pris! Visa mer. Filer och media. Grupptest i Råd & Rön: Tillbaka till toppen. Adress. Akkelis Audio AB. Von Utfallsgatan 1. 415 05 Göteborg. Kontakt. info@akkelisaudio.com. 031-211115. Rega Ania MC Cartridge: Factory-Mounted on Your Planar 6 The Rega Ania is not your ordinary high-end MC phono cartridge. It represents the end-goal of an ambitious quest by a proudly British company with more than four decades of analog experience - namely, to create an entry-level MC cartridge stunningly close to the performance of its flagship Aphelion and Apheta 2 models Rega Planar 2 - Hitta lägsta pris hos PriceRunner Jämför priser (uppdaterade idag) från 28 butiker Betala inte för mycket - SPARA på ditt inköp nu

Rega har genom tiden utvecklat sin teknik att tillverka lätta styva plintar. Smart användning av lättviktspartikelkärna med en mycket styv fenolharts yta blev grunden till att den höga prestanda uppnås genom den numera välkända ursprungliga Planar serien. Den nya Planar 3 tar denna designfilosofi till nästa nivå Rega is famous for making high-quality, low-priced tonearms. If, on a scale of 1 to 10, the Swedish Analog Technologies tonearm ($32,000) is an 11 and the SME M2-9 ($1199) is a 4 or 5, then the new RB330 arm ($595) on Rega's new Planar 3 is probably a 6 or 7 The Planar 8 will be available with the recommended Ania or Apheta 2* MC cartridges factory fitted at an attractive, discounted package price. Please Note: The new smaller footprint of the Planar 8 will not fit on the current Rega turntable wall bracket. We have developed a new lightweight custom Planar 8 wall bracket for this model

Related: Rega Planar 3 2016 review The RP8 is supplied with the Rega TT-PSU as standard, which is an external 24v power supply unit with controls for on/off and 33/45rpm speeds Bara begagnad hifi och stereo. Hifitorget.se är en av Sveriges största annonsmarknader för hifi. Gratis annonsering

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This is a bit of OT but how long are Rega white belts supposed to last? A couple of weeks a go I had my 8 month old Planar 6 serviced because of a broken off cartridge wire clip. The service guy said that the belt was also quite streched. Some say it should last 5 years but at this rate it will fall off before 2 Hi guys :) So I have the Planar 1 from Rega. With my speakers turned on I can hear a buzzing sound, and I have figured that it might be because I don't have ground connection. I've spoken with the man from my local Hi-Fi-store and he told me the same thing. The problem is that i really can't..

After revamping the Rega Planar 1, Rega Planar 2, and Rega Planar 3 turntables, Rega kept the momentum going with the release of the Rega Planar 6, which is the replacement forthe RP6 turntable. It features many of the values and principles which are dear to the brand: a light and ultra-rigid chassis combined with a precise and user-friendly tonearm for a remarkably musical, accurate, and. After revamping the Rega Planar 1, Rega Planar 2, and Rega Planar 3 turntables, Rega kept the momentum going with the release of the Rega Planar 6, which is the replacement forthe RP6 turntable. It features many of the values and principles which are dear to the brand: a light and ultra-rigid chassis combined with [

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The Rega Planar 6/Ania's masterful handle on rhythm and subtle detail is better than before, with refinement adding to the deck's customarily musical and insightful performance. We're impressed with Rega's new level of performance. The Planar 6's balanced, mature presentation is something you'll appreciate the more you listen to it It's a ritual. You hear audiophiles claim how great vinyl sounds, but you never quite buy into it. Then you finally hear your first good turntable, and you're hooked. In my case, it was a Rega Planar 3, demo'd by Sound+Vision contributing writer Ken Korman. Back in 1991, I spent an evening at Ken's checking out old sides by the likes of Miles Davis and Todd Rundgren, in each case. Bilderna visar Planar 6 med MC-pickupen Ania som är en uppgradering som kan väljas fabriksmonterad. Grundpriset är utan pickup, sedan finns den med fabriksmonterad Exact MM-pickup oxå. (Båda pickuperna inkluderas till ett reducerat pris om man köper dom tillsammans med skivspelaren) Köper du den tillsammans med en Ania Pro MC pickup skickar Rega också med sin bästa rem, EBLT

In-fact it would be cheaper to purchase a Rega Planar 6. So at this point I'm fairly sold on the Rega Planar 6, as most reviews see it as a preferable upgrade over the Planar 3. I am still doing my homework on cartridges, the Ortofon 2M series paired with the Rega would be a significant upgrade over my current system, albeit there are obviously better cartridges on the market Sammenlign priser på Rega Planar 6 Ania Platespillere. Finn tilbud fra 7 butikker, og les anmeldelser på Prisjakt. Sammenlign tilbud fra Rega

Rega Planar 6 vs Planar 8. Discussion in 'audio' started by gerlando, Sep 12, 2020. Page 3 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3. Olsen pfm Member. Seanm said:. Rega Research was established in 1973 and manufactures the finest British hi-fi products from their factory in Southend, England. Specialising in turntables, Rega has grown to offer a full range of audio components including CD players, amplifiers, tuners and accessories. Rega's philosophy is to produce high quality products at sensible prices with the objective of reproducing music as. Rega Planar 6 with Ania MC cartridge Just to give a little background, this would be partnered with a Puffin Phono DC, Yamaha RXV775 receiver and Klipsch RP-5000F floor-standing speakers. The majority of my vinyl collection is rock, funk and R&B. Also, I am looking for ease-of-use right out of the box

Planar 6 Lemezjátszó fekete EXACT hangszedővel és NEO PSU-val: 504 000 Ft: Planar 6 Lemezjátszó fekete ANIA hangszedővel és NEO PSU-val: 570 900 Ft: REGA LP The Secret of Climbing Stephan Fearing 180gr REGA LP: 7 700 Ft: Rega Couple 2 - Összekötő kábel. Rega Planar 2, Planar 3, P1, RP1, P2, P3, P25 Motor Pulley (50Hz) £6.99 Rega Wall Plug 350mA Replacement Power Supply. £19.99 Rega 3 Point VTA Arm Height Adjuster (New) With 4 height adjustments £12.9 Rega first put its Naiad research to practical use in the Planar 8, reviewed at Analog Planet. Like the Planar 8, the new Planar 10 (or P10) uses for its minimalist plinth a super-lightweight Tancast 8 polyurethane foam core that Rega sandwiches (you could say squeezes) between a very thin, super-rigid, high-pressure laminate

Rega Like all great products with a great story, Rega's 40-year history begins with a teenager not getting his own way. From humble beginnings comes Rega's philosophy of reliable, high quality products that excel at faithful reproduction of music for sensible prices, and through decades of refinement emerge the Rega turntables that embody this goal The Planar 3 uses a platter/sub-platter construction with double braces, an improved 3mm phenolic bottom brace and a new metalised skin phenolic top brace. The Platter makes use of a newly developed float glass 'Optiwhite' polished rim 12mm design, which drastically improves the accuracy of the platter. Who is Rega ベルトドライブ. ターンテーブルの開発同様に、Regaは、ベルトの開発に取り組んできました。現在 Planar 6に採用されているアップグレードベルトは、クロロプレイン/ ネオプレイン ポリマーを原料に開発されたカスタム製品です Planar 6: RB330 with zero tolerance bearings, vertical bearing housing redesigned to increase strength, new bias housing, improved wiring RP6: RB303 (anyone who has compared RP3 to Planar 3 will tell you the RB330 is a major step forward in the long-arc of Rega arms The Planar 6 is Rega's ultimate old style Planar and I don't think it will be revisited, skeletal is the future. dave charlton, Sep 12, 2020 #11. Mynamemynaim likes this. Mr Pig ^'- -'

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Rega Planar 6 uten pickp. 14 995 ,- (Gratis frakt) Vis i butikk. Pris- og produktinformasjon. Se mer. Den billigste prisen for Rega Planar 6 akkurat nå er 14 990 ,-. Det er et av de 100 mest populære produktene i kategorien Platespillere med en gjennomsnittlig vurdering på 3.8 av 5 Rega was one of the first to use the massive platter approach to making the turntable run evenly. The platter is the turning part of the turntable. The Rega Planar 3 uses a 12mm thick glass platter. That gives it a rather high moment of inertia, which means it resists speed variation. It's like a flywheel. A felt mat sits on top of that

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Rega Planar 6 - Find the lowest price on PriceRunner Compare prices (updated today) from 8 stores Don't overpay - SAVE on your purchase now Additional equipment Rega Brio amp and Neat Motive SX1 speakers Price £625 Website www.rega.co.uk. Rega's new Planar 3 is perfect if you're getting back into vinyl and hi-fi after having a few decades off to concentrate on other things. It's robust and well built, but still looks the business

Rega Planar 6 - Gruppetestvinner i HiFi Choice i konkurranse med blant annet Technics og Pro-Ject! What marks the Planar 6 out from every other turntable in this group isn't sweeter treble, deeper bass, more mellifluous mids, tauter tempos or any other baseline hi-fi metric Vi har 12 tester på Rega Planar 3/Elys 2 och det genomsnittliga betyget är 97%. Se alla tester, videor, betyg och utmärkelser för regaplanar3elys2. Testseek.se är en oberoende gratistjänst för konsumenter, vi samlar in alla tester och räknar ut ett genomsnittligt betyg för varje produkt I'm going to be purchasing a Planar 6, but have seen mixed reviews on the Exact 2 - in fact most dealers here only demo the P6/Ania. I certainly have the option of getting the P6/Ania (which means likely getting the Rega Fono MC or similar) - or getting the P6 with an Ortofon Black - which I would run directly into the SN3 We are only able to send the Planar 1 and Planar 2 by mail order For Planar 3, Planar 6, RP8 and RP10 we can offer free home installation, Rega Planar 6 / Exact. Price: £1,259.00 (Including VAT at 20%) Rega Planar 6 / Ania. Price: £1,469.00.

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Green Sounds s.r.l Via Manfredi n° 98 29122 Piacenza Tel. +39 0523 462021 P.IVA: 01660510338 www.greensounds.i Web www.rega.co.uk. We received some interesting feedback from a few readers recently on Rega's Planar 3, reviewed in Issue 2. At £600-plus, that's not really an entry-level turntable, you said. And quite right, too. Although what we were getting at was that the P3 was entry-level for what you might call a 'lapsed audiophile' // Rega Planar 6, un test de plus ! ☺

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Plattenspieler Planar-3, 6 oder 8. Sobald von Rega lieferbar bieten wir den Planar-8 mit bereits vormontiertem ANIA-PRO an. Specifications. Farbvarianten: Technische Daten: Stereo Test 12_2019 Apheta-2 + Planar 8. Image Hifi 05_2019 Apheta-2 + Planar 8. Stereo Test 10_2018 Ania. Stereo Test 08_2018 Ania Vi har 6 tester på Rega P3-24 och det genomsnittliga betyget är 80%. Se alla tester, videor, betyg och utmärkelser för regap324. Testseek.se är en oberoende gratistjänst för konsumenter, vi samlar in alla tester och räknar ut ett genomsnittligt betyg för varje produkt

Rega Planar 6 EL & TAD Excalibur Pure Black › HiFi-IFAsTest Plattenspieler - Rega Planar 10 / Apheta 3Project RPM 5 Carbon v Rega Planar 3 2016- Vinyl Engine
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